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Globally there are billions of mobile app users, and this number is increasing with each passing day. According to a report by Statista, in the second quarter of 2020, there were 2.7 million apps on the Google play store and 1.82 million apps on the App store.

Let’s face it; there has never been a better wake-up call in the history of mankind than COVID-19, also referred to as Coronavirus.

The past year has been extremely challenging and dreadful for all businesses around the globe. While some managed to stay afloat by adopting innovative business strategies and agile mindsets, others were left with no other option than to dissolve their business operations with a heavy heart.

Thinking of resuming one of your major projects that were postponed indefinitely due to the pandemic?

Well, the files that were gathering dust for almost a year now will finally see…

Developing mobile apps that stand out from the competition is not an easy task. Talking from our experience of developing many successful apps over the years, the most important parameter for the success of a project is the right app development team.

You might skip over this, but an app is just not an app-it’s a business! When you develop an app, you technically become the CEO, the founder of the app. So, the responsibility is high!

For those who are looking forward to kick-starting their app development journey, this blog post serves as an outline for finding and building…

Apart from being the main food for many cultures for years and years, beer is also one of the world’s most popular drinks. From paddock to pint, the set of systems and processes are undertaken to present you with the best taste for the frothy cold brew.

Similar to other supply chains, the beer industry supply chain is also a complex one, with its own issues and challenges. The outbreak of pandemic was one of these issues and would continue to be for a great time. Post pandemic, the evolving pressures would disrupt the beer supply chain in 2021 and…

Are you finding it difficult to instantly scale resources to fit demand and server load? Looking for a solution that could help you effectively handle the current application load and let you pay only for the compute resources you need at any given time?

Well, if that the case, auto-scaling is your best bet as it empowers you to have adequate instances to diligently handle application load, not only in the case of spikes in traffic but also during lag periods.

Auto-scaling regulates capacity to maintain constant performance, and that too at the lowest possible price. It can reduce your…

Are you a bootstrapper and looking for the right app development framework to develop your mobile app? We live in a world where mobile app development competition is increasing with every passing minute. It is 2021, and organizations are moving towards native app development and adopting various cross-platform app development platforms. However, this is still too cost-extensive for SMEs and start-ups, with limited cash resources.

Start-ups do need mobile apps. The persistent fear of COVID-19, and social distancing norms, all point towards the fact that consumers in all the industries are far away from physically walking up to the stores.


The digital transformation in the media and entertainment industry (M&E) is accelerating exponentially. For the industries to succeed today and in the future, media and entertainment marketers have to understand the profound shifts taking place in the industry.

A recent study by Accenture shows that the media and entertainment industry is losing money right when they need it most. Around 81 percent of the media and entertainment industry believe that they would exceed their 2018 Opex budget. With an increase in Opex spending, media companies’ spending is falling right off the cliff.

Understanding the reasons behind this downfall is…


Blockchain has been one of the most talked-about technologies of the decade. The adoption of Blockchain tech in business has been gaining momentum over the past years, most notably in fintech, banking, FMCG, and manufacturing have witnessed a sudden halt. Many trends were important but didn’t make the headlines in 2021, as it has done previously.

One silver lining here is that Blockchain adoption and implementation have manifold during the pandemic, especially in coping with the fragility of the supply chains, and people moving towards digital transformation across various industries.

Blockchain adoption would increase in 2021

Blockchain adoption is…


The fast-moving consumer goods industry, or FMCG as it is called- stands in the list of the increasing number of sectors that are utilizing the latest technologies. Both the retail and FMCG sectors would be a lot different in the future than they are today, owing to the Blockchain technology.

Retail industries are still booming even after the pandemic hit the world. Although the majority companies are offering online purchasing facilities, the primary revenue still comes from their physical stores. …

After keeping their shutters down for almost a year, factories and workplaces worldwide are emerging out of an extended global lockdown with a proactive operational strategy to recover from their losses and regain lost ground.

However, reviving operational efficiencies while ensuring the safety of the employees remains a matter of concern for all firms. As employers around the globe grapple with this challenge, it has become clear that the solution cannot be “one size fits all”.

The ideal way out ought to be a technology that could be effectively adapted and applied to every business model and workflow. …

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A pioneer in Mobile, Blockchain, Managed Services, Oracle, and AI/ML Development

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