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  • Seetharaman Gr

    Seetharaman Gr

    Social thinker, Philanthropist, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Technologist, Cricketer, Bike rider, Apple addict, Continuous learner and a big brother of my family.

  • Salih SARIKAYA

    Salih SARIKAYA

    Product Person |#Commerce #Data #Growth | Prev. Google, eBay, Albertsons / linkedin.com/in/salihsarikaya

  • Niharika Singh

    Niharika Singh

    So, can you paradigm?

  • Febin John James

    Febin John James

    Author of Cloud Is a Piece of Cake

  • Jimmy Song

    Jimmy Song

    Bitcoin Educator, Developer and Entrepreneur. Book: https://amzn.to/2RSlnTb PGP Fingerprint: C1D7 97BE 7D10 5291 228C D70C FAA6 17E3 2679 E455

  • Miguel Cuneta

    Miguel Cuneta

    Co-founder at Satoshi Citadel (www.sci.ph). Building Bitcoin businesses in the Philippines since 2014. Read more stuff from me Decentralize.Today

  • Kenny L.

    Kenny L.

    Cofounder of Manta Network| Tech x Blockchain x Entrepreneurship

  • Vitalik Buterin

    Vitalik Buterin

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